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27 March 2020
Piergiorgio Comuzzo , Sabrina Voce, Jacopo Fabris, Angelo Cavallaro, Gianmaria Zanella , Michael Karpusas, Stamatina Kallithraka
26 March 2020
Tiziana Nardi, Maurizio Petrozziello, Raffaele Girotto, Michele Fugaro, Raffaele Antonio Mazzei, Stefano Scuppa
23 March 2020
Toni El Khawand, Julien Gabaston, David Taillis, Marie-Laure Iglesias, Eric Pedrot, Antonio Palos Pinto, Josep Valls Fonayet, Jean Michel Merillon, Alain Decendit, Stephanie Cluzet, Tristan Richard
18 March 2020
12 March 2020
Sofia Di Giacinto, Matthias Friedel, Christian Poll, Johanna Döring, Robert Kunt, Randolf Kauer
29 February 2020


Impact factor = 1.479

Impact Factor


OENO One has an Impact Factor of 1,479 (Clarivate Analytics 2019).
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The International Viticulture and Enology Society (IVES) is an academic association dedicated to viticulture and enology. Founded in 2017 by a group of leading universities and research institutes, it aims to make the results of scientific research in this field freely available for researchers and professionals.