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22 October 2020
Isabella Ghiglieno, Fulvio Mattivi, Gabriele Cola, Davide Trionfini, Daniele Perenzoni, Anna Simonetto, Gianni Gilioli, Leonardo Valenti
20 October 2020
Mathilda Trevisan, Lucas Barthélémy, Rémy Ghidossi, Philippe Moulin
20 October 2020
Edouard Pelonnier-Magimel, Pinelopi Mangiorou, Darriet Philippe, Gilles de Revel, Michael Jourdes, Axel Marchal, Stéphanie Marchand, Alexandre Pons, Laurent Riquier, Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Cécile Thibon, Georgia Lytra, Sophie Tempère, Jean-Christophe Barbe


OENO One Impact factor = 2.831
Publication is free of charge

IVES Partner event – Enoforum Web Contest



Vinidea announces the launch of the application phase for the Enoforum Web Contest: a global virtual competition giving the scientific community an opportunity to showcase innovative research to the wine industry. The winning research work will bring € 10.000 to the research fund of the main author.

All researchers in the public sector, including the participants of the contest, are invited to join the Scientific Committee. If you are interested you should confirm your availability by November 6th, 2020.

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