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28 September 2020
Sandra Beauchet, Véronique Cariou, Christel Renaud-Gentie, Michel Meunier, René Siret, Marie Thiollet-Scholtus, Frédérique Jourjon
24 September 2020
Ágnes Dienes-Nagy, Guillaume Marti, Lise Breant, Fabrice Lorenzini, Pascal Fuchsmann, Daniel Baumgartner, Vivian Zufferey, Jean-Laurent Spring, Katia Gindro, Olivier Viret, Jean-Luc Wolfender, Johannes Rösti
17 September 2020
Stefania Savoi, Jose Carlos Herrera, Silvia Carlin, Cesare Lotti, Barbara Bucchetti, Enrico Peterlunger, Simone Diego Castellarin, Fulvio Mattivi
25 August 2020
Vivian Zufferey, Thibaut Verdenal, Agnès Dienes, Sandrine Belcher, Fabrice Lorenzini, Carole Koestel, Marie Blackford, Gilles Bourdin, Katia Gindro, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Johannes Rösti, Olivier Viret, Christoph Carlen, Jean-Laurent Spring
21 August 2020
Antonios Kanavouras, Frank Coutelieris, Eleni Karanika, Yorgos Kotseridis, Stamatina Kallithraka
12 August 2020
Maurizio Petrozziello, Federica Bonello, Andriani Asproudi, Tiziana Nardi, Christos Tsolakis, Antonella Bosso, Vincenzo Di Martino, Michele Fugaro, Raffaele Antonio Mazzei


OENO One Impact factor = 2.831
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