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26 May 2020
Cassandra Collins, Xiaoyi Wang, Stephen Lesefko, Roberta De Bei, Sigfredo Fuentes
7 May 2020
Carolina Pañitrur-De la Fuente, Hector Valdés-Gómez, Jean Roudet, Nicolás Verdugo-Vásquez, Y. Mirabal, V.F. Laurie, Jean Pascal Goutouly, Cesar Acevedo Opazo, Marc Fermaud
22 April 2020
Wilson Josè Fernandes Lemos Junior, Chiara Nadai, Luca Rolle, Eliana da Silva Gulao, Maria Helena Miguez da Rocha Leãoe, Alessio Giacomini, Viviana Corich, Simone Vincenzi
21 April 2020
Junqi Zhu, Rémi Fraysse, Michael C.T. Trought, Victoria Raw, Linlin Yang, Marc Greven, Damian Martin, Rob Agnew


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