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21 April 2021
Pere Pons-Mercadé, Sergi Anguela, Pol Giménez, José M. Heras, Nathalie Sieczkowski, Nicolas Rozès, Joan Miquel Canals, Fernando Zamora
21 April 2021
19 April 2021
Benjamin Kuchen, Fabio Vazquez, Yolanda Paola Maturano, Gustavo J. E. Scaglia, Licia María Pera, Martha Dina Vallejo
16 April 2021
Miguel A. Olego, Miguel Javier Quiroga, Mario Sánchez-García, Mateo Cuesta, Jorge Cara-Jiménez, José Enrique Garzón-Jimeno


OENO One Impact factor = 2.831
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IVES Conference Series is officially launched!


IVES Conference Series collates proceedings from international conferences in the fields of viticulture and enology and makes them accessible online for researchers, PhD students, Master students, etc. IVES Conference Series is a reference portal for scientific knowledge, results or data presented during these high-level scientific meetings.
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