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30 June 2017

Impact of grafting type on Esca foliar symptoms

Séverine Mary, Coralie Laveau, Pascal Lecomte, Marc Birebent, Jean-Philippe Roby

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

27 June 2017

Identification and quantification of stilbenes in some Tunisian red wines using UPLC-MS and HPLC-DAD

Kamel Arraki, Élodie Renouf, Pierre Waffo-Téguo, Jean-Michel Mérillon, Tristan Richard, Alain Decendit

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

15 May 2017

How to adapt winemaking practices to modified grape composition under climate change conditions

Sylvie Dequin, Jean-Louis Escudier, Marina Bely, Jessica Noble, Warren Albertin, Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarède, Philippe Marullo, Jean-Michel Salmon, Jean Marie Sablayrolles

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

15 May 2017
15 May 2017

Combining ecophysiological models and genetic analysis: a promising way to dissect complex adaptive traits in grapevine

Philippe Vivin, Éric Lebon, ZhanWu Dai, Eric Duchêne, Elisa Marguerit, Iñaki García de Cortázar-Atauri, Junqi Zhu, Thierry Simonneau, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Serge Delrot, Nathalie Ollat

2017: OENO One, 51, 2


Posted 1 December 2016

8th International Table Grape Symposium

The 8th International Table Grape Symposium will be held in Italy (Apulia and Sicily) on 1-7 October 2017. More informations ?

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OENO One was founded in 2016 by a group of leading European universities and research institutes in the field of vine, grape and wine sciences, replacing the Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (JISVV) after almost 50 years of existence (1967-2016, formerly Connaissance de la Vigne et du Vin).