OENO One, 51, 2

Table of Contents

Mini-review articles

The challenging issue of climate change for sustainable grape and wine production

Nathalie Ollat, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, Jean-Marc Touzard

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Original research articles

Viticulture in Portugal: A review of recent trends and climate change projections

Helder Fraga, Iñaki García de Cortázar Atauri, Aureliano C. Malheiro, José Moutinho-Pereira, João A. Santos

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Which climatic modeling to assess climate change impacts on vineyards?

Hervé Quénol, Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar Atauri, Benjamin Bois, Andrew Sturman, Valérie Bonnardot, Renan Le Roux

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

The application of high-resolution atmospheric modelling to weather and climate variability in vineyard regions

Andrew Sturman, Peyman Zawar-Reza, Iman Soltanzadeh, Marwan Katurji, Valérie Bonnardot, Amber Kaye Parker, Michael C. T. Trought, Hervé Quénol, Renan Le Roux, Eila Gendig, Tobias Schulmann

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Grapevine phenology in France: from past observations to future evolutions in the context of climate change

Iñaki García de Cortázar-Atauri, Eric Duchêne, Agnes Destrac-Irvine, Gérard Barbeau, Laure de Rességuier, Thierry Lacombe, Amber Kaye Parker, Nicolas Saurin, Cornelis van Leeuwen

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Multi-seasonal effects of warming and elevated CO2 on the physiology, growth and production of mature, field grown, Shiraz grapevines

Everard J. Edwards, Dale Unwin, Rachel Kilmister, Michael Treeby

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Climate vs grapevine pests and diseases worldwide: the first results of a global survey

Benjamin Bois, S. Zito, A. Calonnec

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

What is the expected impact of climate change on wine aroma compounds and their precursors in grape?

Alexandre Pons, Lucile Allamy, Armin Schüttler, Doris Rauhut, Cécile Thibon, Philippe Darriet

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Modified grape composition under climate change conditions requires adaptations in the vineyard

Cornelis van Leeuwen, Agnès Destrac-Irvine

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Developmental, molecular and genetic studies on grapevine response to temperature open breeding strategies for adaptation to warming

Laurent Torregrosa, Antoine Bigard, Agnes Doligez, David Lecourieux, Markus Rienth, Nathalie Luchaire, Philippe Pieri, Ratthaphon Chatbanyong, Rezth Shahood, Marc Farnos, Catherine Roux, Angélique Adiveze, Jérémie Pillet, Yannick Sire, Emmanuelle Zumstein, Mélanie Veyret, Loic Le Cunff, Fatma Lecourieux, Nicolas Saurin, Bertrand Muller, Hernán Ojeda, Cléa Houel, Jean-Pierre Péros, Patrice This, Anne Pellegrino, Charles Romieu

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Adapting plant material to face water stress in vineyards: which physiological targets for an optimal control of plant water status?

T. Simonneau, E. Lebon, A. Coupel-Ledru, E. Marguerit, L. Rossdeutsch, N. Ollat

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Combining ecophysiological models and genetic analysis: a promising way to dissect complex adaptive traits in grapevine

Philippe Vivin, Éric Lebon, ZhanWu Dai, Eric Duchêne, Elisa Marguerit, Iñaki García de Cortázar-Atauri, Junqi Zhu, Thierry Simonneau, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Serge Delrot, Nathalie Ollat

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Severe trimming and enhanced competition of laterals as a tool to delay ripening in Tempranillo vineyards under semiarid conditions

Luis Gonzaga Santesteban, Carlos Miranda, Jorge Urrestarazu, Maite Loidi, José Bernardo Royo

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

How to adapt winemaking practices to modified grape composition under climate change conditions

Sylvie Dequin, Jean-Louis Escudier, Marina Bely, Jessica Noble, Warren Albertin, Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarède, Philippe Marullo, Jean-Michel Salmon, Jean Marie Sablayrolles

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Identification and quantification of stilbenes in some Tunisian red wines using UPLC-MS and HPLC-DAD

Kamel Arraki, Élodie Renouf, Pierre Waffo-Téguo, Jean-Michel Mérillon, Tristan Richard, Alain Decendit

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Impact of grafting type on Esca foliar symptoms

Séverine Mary, Coralie Laveau, Pascal Lecomte, Marc Birebent, Jean-Philippe Roby

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Effects of soil type on vineyard performance and berry composition in the Río de la Plata Coast (Uruguay)

Gerardo Echeverría, Milka Ferrer, José Mirás-Avalos

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Review articles

Oenological perspective of red wine astringency

Ignacio García-Estévez, Rosa Pérez-Gregorio, Susana Soares, Nuno Mateus, Victor de Freitas

2017: OENO One, 51, 2

Short communications

Absence of an acid phosphatase isozyme locus as a marker candidate for true to typeness in woodland grape (Vitis vinifera L. ssp. sylvestris Gmelin)

Gizella Jahnke, Zóra Annamária Nagy, Gábor Koltai, Edit Hajdu, János Májer

2017: OENO One, 51, 2