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French grapevines classed in phenotypical ecogeogroups essay


Two specialists, NEGRUL (1946) et LEVADOUX (1948) proposed for Europe vine-plants cultivated a classification in natural groups issued from ecogeographical areas relatively closed in their situations and evolutions. These ampelographs are complementary in their propositions, Russian for Eastern Europe and French for Western forms. Middle-East is the probable origin of mediterranean viticulture with its vine-varieties then the local wild forms in more septentrional vineyard extensions.

After sortotypes or ecogeogroups definitions, anterior structural propositions of French vine-varieties in eco-geographical groups are developped by individual integration forms in taxonomic and morphologic unities. The present propositions are not immovable nor definitive but as such they may be useful in recent genetic advancements.

They can confirm or not some new biochemical diagnosis.


Jean Bisson


Affiliation : Docteur en oenologie - ampélologie, B.P. 51, 45250 Briare (France)


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