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Study of anthocyanins' variations during the ripening of five vine red varieties cultivated in Greece


The anthoeyanins' variations in grape skins during the ripening of five vine varieties, cultivated in various vinegrowing areas of Greece were studied. The anthocyanins were separated and determined by HPLC. It was found that:

- Dp-3-gluc and Cy-3-gluc contents decrease constantly for all varieties during ripening,

- Pt-3-g1uc content is the same, early in the ripening but close to maturity it decreases significantly,

- Pn-3-g1uc and Mv-3-g1uc contents are the highest all over ripening and for all the varieties studied,

- Mv-3-g1uc-ac and Mv-3-g1uc-coum are the most important from the acylated derivates.

It is therefore concluded that during grape maturation, anthocyanins' contents change in the same way, not depending on the vine variety.


Panos Lanaridis


Affiliation : Wine Institute (NAGREF), S. Venizelou 1, Lykovrisi 14123, Athens, Greece

Irène Bena-Tzourou

Affiliation : N.AG.RE.F, Institut du Vin d´Athènes, 1 rue S. Venizelou, 141 23 Lykovryssi, Athènes, Grèce


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