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Performance of dattier de Beyrouth and Alphonse Lavallée grapevines on eight rootstocks under dry-land conditions


An experiment was conducted to determine the effects of eight different rootstocks on two non-irrigated table grape cultivars Dattier de Beyrouth and Alphonse Lavallée. Seasonal midday leaf water potential was positively correlated with crop yield. Averaged across both scion and year, the 1103P rootstock had the highest yield while 41B the lowest. Berry size of 'Alphonse Lavallée on SO4 was greatest both years and for the 'Dattier de Beyrouth' scion on SO4, just one year. The rootstock with the greatest pruning weights (averaged across scion and year) was SO4 while that with the least was R-Lot. Based upon the yield data and characteristics of the fruit, 1103P would be recommended as the rootstock for use in this area under dry-land farming conditions, for the production of these two table grape cultivars.


Aziz Ezzahouani


Affiliation : Institut agronomique et vétérinaire Hassan II, BP. 6202, 10101 Rabat-Instituts, Maroc

Larry E. Williams

Affiliation : Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis and Kearney Agricultural Center, 9240 S. Riverbend ave, Parlier, California 93648, United States


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