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Behaviour study of "Danlas" grapevines grown under plastic cover


The aim of this study is to determine the behaviour of ‘Danlas’ grapevines conducted under plastic cover, near atlantic coast, known for its early table grape production. Measurements included climatic conditions, leaf water potential, canopy temperature and production components. The use of plastic cover resulted in an increase of midday ambient temperature and vapor pressure deficit, with a maximum of 5. 7 °C and 1.28 kPa, respectively. Midday canopy temperature under field conditions were lower than ambient temperature by an average of 2.5 °C. The most negative leaf water potential values were recoded for grapevines under plastic cover relatively to field conditions, ranging from –7.2 to –17.0 bars and from –7.0 to –14.0 bars, respectively. Harvest date was advanced by more than one month after the use of plastic cover. Results showed that crop weight, cluster weight and number per vine were not significantly affected. However, the number of berries per cluster was significantly reduced. Plastic cover promoted fruit quality, berry weight and soluble solids concentration were increased by 2.23 g and 1.0 °Brix, respectively. While titratable acidity was decreased by 1.20 g/l.


Aziz Ezzahouani

Affiliation : Institut agronomique et vétérinaire Hassan II, BP. 6202, 10101 Rabat-Instituts, Maroc



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