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Attemps to improve the grape seed germination


Using the« standard» germination method (dehydration, hydration before conserving at 5°C during several weeks or several months and rehydration followed by the germination at 27°C/28°C), it is possible to conserve grape seeds of Vitis vinifera c.v. Ugni blanc more than one year and preserve a high ability of germination. However, to be able to work on young seedlings rapidly after harvesting, this method requiring a too long breaking dormancy treatment (conserving at 5°C), we tried to change these treatments and to speed up the breaking dormancy using an anoxic treatment finalized at the laboratory. Even if this system does not allow to obtain the best rate of germination, it aIlows to save 50 days for Ugni blanc treatment and more than 150 days for Merlot avoiding breaking dormancy with cold treatment. To improve the grape seed ability of germination following the « standard» method, we used a solution of etephon in external supply, releasing ethylene in tissues. Seeds conserved 90 days at 5°C and hydrated with this solution have a better rate of germination (+ 10 p. cent in comparison with a standard sample treated with the same method without ethylene). Finally, non conserved at 5°C grape seed lyophilization can be a rapid method for breaking dormancy and improving (at least 40 p. cent) the ability of germination.


A. de Wilde


Affiliation : Institut de la Vigne de Bordeaux, Laboratoire des Sciences de la Vigne, Université Bordeaux l, avenue des Facultés, 33405 Talence cedex (France)

Gérard Darné

Affiliation : Laboratoire des Sciences de la Vigne, Université Bordeaux I, avenue des Facultés, 33405 Talence cedex, France


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