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Traitement par le froid artificiel des vins de Champagne. I. Contrôle des traitements par le froid artificiel des vins de Champagne, efficacité des traitements selon la nature du collage des vins


A means to check the efficiency of refrigeration is offered, which can be used in « stabulation » as well as in a dynamic circulation.

The preparation of wine — and particularly the nature of its clarifying process — is shown to widely influence the efficiency of refrigeration, especially in « stabulation ».

Treating the basic wines from Champagne through bentonite seems to be the best clarifying adjuvant.

The conductance measures according to WURDIG'S technique enable to contemplate a first study on the quantitative measuring of the protecting, colloid effect.


Alain Maujean


Affiliation : Laboratoire d'OEnologie - U.F.R. Sciences - Université de Reims, B.R 1039 - 51687 Reims cedex 02 (France)

V. Malherbe

Affiliation : Station OEnotechnique Magenta, 51200 Epernay et la Maison Duval Leroy, 51130 Vertus

A. Dupont

Affiliation : Champagne Charles Heidsieck-Henriot, 51100 Reims


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