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27 January 2023
Anne MEROT, Guillaume Coulouma, Nathalie Smits, Elsa Robelot, Christian Gary, Lucia Guerin-Dubrana, Jouanel Poulmach, Xavier Burgun, Anne Pellegrino, Marc Fermaud
24 January 2023
17 January 2023
Federico Ariel Roig Puscama, Federico Berli, Benjamin Bois, Olivier Mathieu, Fidel Roig, Patricia Piccoli
13 January 2023
Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade, Thierry Simonneau, Amélia Caffarra, Romaine Boulord, Philippe Pechier, Nicolas Saurin, Charles Romieu, Damien Fumey, Angélique Christophe
13 January 2023
Inês L. Cabral, António Teixeira, Manon Ferrier, Arnaud Lanoue, Joana Valente, Frank S. Rogerson, Fernando Alves, Susana M. P. Carvalho, Hernâni Varanda Gerós, Jorge Queiroz
12 January 2023



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The Editorial Board of OENO One expresses its gratitude to all the reviewers for their dedicated time and expertise in the review process. Thank you, your contributions are essential to maintain the high quality of the articles published and are essential to the success of the journal.

The 197 names listed are those of the reviewers who participated in the review of articles accepted or rejected from January to December 2022.

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