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31 December 2018
Vivian Zufferey, Thibaut Verdenal, Agnès Dienes, Sandrine Belcher, Fabrice Lorenzini, Carole Koestel, Katia Gindro, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Olivier Viret, Jean-Laurent Spring
24 December 2018
Cécile Coulon-Leroy, Nathalie Pouzalgues, Laure Cayla, Ronan Symoneaux, Gilles Masson
13 December 2018
Benjamin Bois, Daniel Joly, Hervé Quénol, Philippe Pieri, Jean-Pierre Gaudillère, Dominique Guyon, Etienne Saur, Cornelis van Leeuwen
7 December 2018


Impact factor 2017-2018 = 0.769 (first year)

21st GiESCO International Meeting


LOGO_GIESCO_2019.pngThe 21st GiESCO International Meeting (Group of international Experts for Cooperation on Vitivinicultural Systems) will be held during June 23-28, 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece. 


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OENO One was founded in 2016 by a group of leading European universities and research institutes in the field of vine, grape and wine sciences, replacing the Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (JISVV) after almost 50 years of existence (1967-2016, formerly Connaissance de la Vigne et du Vin).